SERVICES | When you have a special photograph, a piece of memorabilia or a picture that you treasure, you can rely on the team at Framed In Alice to deliver a beautifully framed finish. We preserve your precious pieces and showcase your artwork or photos so they can be enjoyed every day.


Whether you have professional photographs or candid shots that need framing, we are here to help you. Framed In Alice can show you thousands of options to use on your custom-made frame. Using our design software you can select colours; textures and boarding that will complement your photograph and see a digital version. The beauty of this system is being able to change colours and framing materials with just a few button clicks.

From marriage or birth certificates to degrees and corporate awards, Framed In Alice will deliver the best quality frame so you can proudly display them. As well as looking good, framing these items preserves their condition and keeps them safe from damage.

Do you have a print or certificate that you want to hang with a stunning acrylic or wooden frame? Be sure to speak to us for all your standard or custom-made framing needs.


Block mounting is a stylish way to display your photo, artwork or poster. The image is laminated and then glued onto MDF or foam board. This coating protects your image from dust, water and scuffing.

Block mounting does not restrict your design options. You can mount the artwork in a variety of sizes and select from black or white edging to complement the picture.

Laminating not only preserves an item, but it can also brighten the colours and general appearance. Framed In Alice can laminate all kinds of materials, including posters, pictures, ID cards, place mats, newspaper articles, banners and more. Our machine can laminate items up to 740mm wide.


Framed In Alice are the people to call when you want to display your memorabilia. We have box frames that are suitable for displaying medals, plaques, jerseys and shirts. Select from our range of frames and then choose the matboard colour that suits your content.

For displaying paper tole, small sculptures and other keepsakes, we recommend shadow boxes. The benefit of a shadow box is the ability to display a 3D object or add depth to the item being framed. All shadow boxes have glass, MDF backing, foam spacers and matboard in your colour choice.


Our staff are experts when it comes to framing sporting items with sentimental value. We have previously framed AFL, cycling and basketball jerseys, as well as cricket bats, gloves, golf balls, caps, tickets, books and much more.

Framing these items is not just about displaying them, but also preserving their colour and condition. Clients can select the frame style, matboard colouring and texture to suit them.


Original paintings require a custom frame to showcase their style and colours. Framed In Alice is experienced to frame your piece for you, but we can also offer you advice on the creative ways to add to your piece.

We can guide you on the right texture, colour and material to frame your painting or tapestry with. Select from our stylish understated range if you would like the picture to do the talking, or our designer range for something with a little more pizzazz.


Framed In Alice provides a custom canvas stretching service, so we can build the type of canvas that you want. Our equipment is designed to expertly stretch and mount your canvas to the frame.

We stretch both primed and unprimed canvases in cotton duck, poly cotton blend and linen materials. If you have the material and need it to be mounted, we can also supply a frame to fit.